Long Time No Blog

When we developed this, our second website, in February of 2017 we were happy that it had a blog module and looked forward to the fun op-ed sorts of blogs we could compose. But so far it is far less satisfying to blog than to post on Facebook, where at least we get the encouraging feedback of some Likes (thanks, Son!) and is not like hallooing down a long empty hall. So we wandered off the blog path a while back.

 Nevertheless, it seems fitting to work on a Blog Redux, if you will, at the beginning of a shiny new year. And 2019 will be our 27th year in business as Washington Book Distributors, with all the joys and frustrations of being a small business more clearly felt than ever.

 So what content would be worth a few minutes' reading time?

 Mainly, the reminder that we are all in this together. From an economic standpoint, all you need to know was taught brilliantly by Richard Scarry in his classic children's works set in Busytown, where all the businesses, services and characters were intertwined and interdependent. And getting along requires compromise and communication.

 Would we were all as smart as Lowly Worm.