Thinking Small

Having just observed Small Business Saturday and with the holiday selling season upon us, when we added the new titles for December, it occurred to us:


Lots of businesses are small.


And that's good. Twenty-five years into regional book wholesaling, we are so small, our home state considers us a "Microbusiness." And one of our wonderful new titles is written and published by another small business, "Tired Dogs Press." (Fret not, the metaphor is drawn from aching feet, not exhausted canines.)  It is a handsome edition that presents large business-quality packaging while maintaining the personal touch of author and Ken Wilcox and his wife Kris who crafted the D.C. walks with pride (and a lot of stamina!)


So next time you are in a small store, think about the next levels of smallness you can also support- like publishers and wholesalers.


Happy Holidays!        

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