Thinking Small

Having just observed Small Business Saturday and with the holiday selling season upon us, when we added the new titles for December, it occurred to us:


Lots of businesses are small.


And that's good. Twenty-five years into regional book wholesaling, we are so small, our home state considers us a "Microbusiness." And one of our wonderful new titles is written and published by another small business, "Tired Dogs Press." (Fret not, the metaphor is drawn from aching feet, not exhausted canines.)  It is a handsome edition that presents large business-quality packaging while maintaining the personal touch of author and Ken Wilcox and his wife Kris who crafted the D.C. walks with pride (and a lot of stamina!)


So next time you are in a small store, think about the next levels of smallness you can also support- like publishers and wholesalers.


Happy Holidays!        

National Jaunt.jpg

The Penultimate Month

November is here and our new offerings include books to help families enjoy the outdoors, stay cozy indoors, find the best places to eat in our area and get ready for the exciting holidays to come. There is also a very special photography book perfect for Veterans Day.

Last Veterans.jpg

Flocking Together

We carry a LOT of Nature titles, so adding them to the website is quite a project.Where to start?

Birds, of course! Amazing, fascinating, beautiful and varied, we celebrate them with field guides, pictorials and fun books for budding ornithologists.

Accept no substitutes!

Bird feeder.jpg

What's a "Brunswick"?

Hooray, the new October titles are here a little early!  They include a beautiful new color pictorial about the Old Dominion, two books to help kids learn about the Nation's Capital, two must-haves for your next night hike and a bargain book to help you throw the best birthday party ever for your tot.


Not to mention the definitive history of that tasty concoction called Brunswick Stew. Bon appetit!

Brunswick Stew.jpg

Just Added S'More

The latest section added to our website is "Camping." Just in time for crisp autumnal trips to the woods or mountains, here are books to help you set up camp, entertain tots on their first outdoor adventure or chill the campfire session with spooky ghost tales.


graham cracker day.jpg

Waterford, Waterford Everywhere

Check out the Nature Field Guides section for the latest category we added- colorful Pocket Naturalist Guides from Waterford Press. There are 39 varieties to help you name that duck, avoid that poison ivy and predict what that cloud might do. Waterproof and durable, they are ready for lots of adventures in the great outdoors.


And they really do fit in your pocket!

Pocket Nats.jpg

BFF (Boating, Fishing, Fun)

Summer still has some golden days left in its pocket, so the two latest sections to join our website can be a big help- Boating and Fishing. Sure, they can be enjoyed separately- that's why we created two stand-alone sections for easy perusal. We are especially happy to offer small press gems like Roger Corbett's 600-page compilation on Virginia Rivers and a special sale on Keith Walters' tackle-box-worthy tips.

boating fishing.jpg

A House Divided

The latest section to be added to our website is Civil War History. We are proud to offer not only valuable historical works from large publishing houses, but also books from small presses such as Schroeder Publications, Native Ground Books and Music, Chester Comix, Old Dominion Publishers, Toomey Press, and Gauley Mount Press.

The section includes books for adult readers as well as books for young readers and keeps us mindful that to avoid repeating the painful mistakes of our country's history, first we must know it.

What's "New"?

The OED defines "new" as : "Produced, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time; not existing before."

So when we feature the '"new" books each month, some are newly in print and some are not brand new but recent discoveries for us we want to share with you.

Something rediscovered; something new!


We are happy to offer a new subcategory in our Kids' Books section: Otters! Inspired by our friends at two wonderful museums which feature nature exhibits starring otters, we are enjoying finding books about these charming, playful creatures. Sam Garton's series is laugh out loud funny while other books tackle more serious subject matter such as how otters are affected by environmental issues.


Know any more good books on otters?  Please let us know.

First Guides First

We are proud to stock a great variety of nature field guides, so how to choose the first additions to our new website? The choice was a classic popular series, with a respected name, conveniently-sized and helpful to nature enthusiasts of all ages: the Peterson First Guides.

Stay tuned as we add Pocket Naturalists, Golden Guides, National Audubon Society, Quick Reference, Nature Study Guild, Take-Along Guides and many more.

It's only natural.

July Marches Forth

And we have a short but sweet group of new arrivals just in time to add to the summer fun. A celebrated Pony, a guide to pepperlicious bounty and our Home Town star in some of those titles- grab a cool drink and take a look!

Crabs, Bays and Beaches, Oh My!

Just in time for summer festivities we have added the first subsection of our Kids' Books category and it is bursting with 78 titles about shores, sand and critters that walk sideways. Chadwick says "Extra! Extra! Read all about it!"

We hope you will- and that you find some fun new titles to try.


Angel Mothers

Our website's "Historymakers" category has its second personage now- Abraham Lincoln. With Mother's Day weekend ahead, we'll share a lovely quote from Mr. Lincoln:


"All that I am or hope to be I owe to my angel mother. I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life."

Around the State in Eighty Books

We are happy to present the latest website section: Maryland History & Pictorials. No surprise that it would be sizable, given the wealth of wonderful Chesapeake-related titles, (not to mention the Charm City tomes), but the final count surpassed even our expectations.

So give it a look-see- you may find something new or an old favorite you somehow missed.

In the Yellow Frame

For well over a century, National Geographic has been synonymous with adventure travel and the maps that got you there and home again. We are pleased to announce we now stock eight of their excellent maps! Starting from our own back yard, they are still an impressive group- a world-renowned hiking trail, an extremely popular National Park, one of the Thirteen Original Colonies, a vacation destination where three states form a peninsula, one of the world's most scenic parkways and...oh yes, the Nation's Capital.

Look for them in their own section and plan your next adventure.

Nat Geo Maps.jpg

Touring the Old Line State

The latest section to arrive on the website is "Maryland Guides & Maps." It is indeed a great state to visit, offering history, natural beauty and did we mention world-class crab cakes? Check out the section to plan a memorable Maryland weekend!

No Foolin'

In our neck of the woods, March went out like a soggy lamb and we are happy to have our nifty new April titles all ready for your perusal. They include a revision of a classic astronomy guide written by the man who also gave us Curious George, a handy directory to the new session of Congress and our lawmakers, and some fascinating new history titles. We enter the month that begins the World War I Centenary, marks the loss of Lincoln, sends thousands of people to their local post offices at midnight, and reminds us of rebirth and new life with Easter celebrations.


It should be one for the books.