Boo in October

Six fun new titles lead the way this October, from a color pictorial on all things batty to a great introduction to the Old Dominion for kids board book-style! In between there are scary stories from southern Maryland and a definitive blueberry cookbook. Tricks and treats- what are you waiting for? Check them out!

Bat basics on black.jpg

Bob and Ed and Things That Go Bump in the Night

Summer is technically still here until September 23, but something just seems to click and shut it off sooner, doesn't it? Kids are going back to school, there are crispy leaves already falling from trees and you're starting to feel silly walking around in that Hawaiian shirt.

 But September ushers in a nice new harvest of books, including handsome trade paper editions of scary compendiums from two of our favorite storytellers: L.B. Taylor, Jr. and Ed Okonowicz.

 So keep those paper umbrellas in your drink for now and enjoy the transition from flip-flops to flannel.

Big ghosts pb.jpg

And the Reading Is Easy

It flies so fast, doesn't it? You wait and wait for tomatoes worth eating, dusting off those flip-flops and taking up permanent porch residency with that stack of books. Now that we are into August double-digits, seize every hot humid minute while you can.

 Our books will keep you good company at the beach, cooking for the family reunion or vanquishing the "I'm Bored"s  with regional road trips.

 Long live summer.


April Is the Coolest Month

(Contrary to poetical belief.)

 We're loving the warmer temps still below the ultra-humidity to come and the lovely blooms that brighten our neighborhoods and create a fuzzy coat of green pollen on our car hoods.

 Check out our cool new April titles that enlighten, prepare and speak to your inner gastronome.

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Fab Feb Five

The fun titles that have made it to our warehouse in this polar February include a charming kids' series celebrating the DMV in three different sleepytime rhymes, a Raptor playing card deck that will make you the star of your next poker night and a new D.C. cookbook full of stories and scrumptious recipes. Surprise your Valentine with a trip to one of these trending eateries or- better yet- cook up a romantic dinner yourself.

 Now THAT would be one for the books...

Great food finds dc.jpg

Long Time No Blog

When we developed this, our second website, in February of 2017 we were happy that it had a blog module and looked forward to the fun op-ed sorts of blogs we could compose. But so far it is far less satisfying to blog than to post on Facebook, where at least we get the encouraging feedback of some Likes (thanks, Son!) and is not like hallooing down a long empty hall. So we wandered off the blog path a while back.

 Nevertheless, it seems fitting to work on a Blog Redux, if you will, at the beginning of a shiny new year. And 2019 will be our 27th year in business as Washington Book Distributors, with all the joys and frustrations of being a small business more clearly felt than ever.

 So what content would be worth a few minutes' reading time?

 Mainly, the reminder that we are all in this together. From an economic standpoint, all you need to know was taught brilliantly by Richard Scarry in his classic children's works set in Busytown, where all the businesses, services and characters were intertwined and interdependent. And getting along requires compromise and communication.

 Would we were all as smart as Lowly Worm.


Clean Sweeping

Clean Sweeping


It's a little late for spring cleaning, so call this summer inventory sweep. Here's the way it works: we mark down some fun titles we have a few too many of and you get bargains at a sweet net price, while supplies last. It's all in the "Final Closeout Sale" category.

But wait- there's more. We'll keep adding new selections and removing the books we're out of, so be sure to check back regularly. You never know what you'll find...

History of the White House Coloring.jpg

Blossoming in March

Humans may make schedules, but Mother Nature has the last word. Our new books for March feature two that celebrate the exquisite cherry blossoms that bloom this time of year (but not necessarily in time for the Parade.)  Also featured are nature titles, boating guides, cookbooks, astronomy, history and a reference that helps you let your opinions be known to the powers that be.


Who can't schedule nature, either.

March new.jpg

Playing Your Cards Right

The newest section of our website is a subcategory of "Nature" featuring the wonderful playing card decks from Adventure Publications. When weather derails your plans for outdoor excursions, you can still enjoy nature's beauty with these colorful cards.


And a Full House.

Aurora B.jpg

Feb on the Web

Eleven great additions to our stock mix are on display in the "New in February 2018" section! Learn how tavern life and feuds helped shape our fledgling nation, delve into a fascinating biography, anticipate spring with nature guides ready to go, hone your camp cooking skills or appreciate the wonders of D.C. and Baltimore.


It's all there in the books.

Civil Life Uncivil.jpg

Finders? Keepers!

The latest section to be added to Nature Field Guides highlights those pocket-friendly, pleasantly retro-looking "Finders" from Nature Study Guild. In addition to offering some atypical topics (winter trees and weeds, berries)  they have an interesting bracket methodology for identification.


And they will tell you which berries to avoid!

Berry Finder.jpg

The Golden Standard

Our latest website update centers around a nature field guide series I remember enjoying as a kid- Golden Guides. They fit into your pocket and the illustrations were cool and sometimes made you feel you'd rather not meet some of these critters up close and personal (Wolf Spiders, I'm talkin' to you...) And the variety was great thanks to pioneering author Herbert S. Zim. Updated and with refreshed graphics, here are 23 guides from Bats to Wildflowers.

Get in touch with that exploring child hidden somewhere inside us all. Go for the Goldens!

Gold Weeds.jpg

For the Taking

Our latest website section features the great kids' nature series called Take-Along Guides. Colorful, informative, chock full of activities and fun they make great companions for your next family hike. Or even in your own backyard.

TAG Rabbits.jpg


"Say, what does that stand for?"

You ask curiously.

"The Cat in the Hat's

Learning Library" !

Our latest fun section,

It now can be found

In Kids' Books so go

In a leap and a bound

You'll learn about forests,

Bugs, fishes and birds

And lots and lots more

In that smart Cat's own words!

My Oh My a Butterfly.jpg


We just uploaded a new Nature Field Guides subsection starring those colorful, durable and informative laminated guides from Quick Reference Publishing. They can be broad-ranging or targeted to one state or a few, but all are great to have with you on your outdoor adventures- even if you're just heading out to the Farmer's Market!


Tidings of Comfort Food and Joy

Another holiday season is now in the annals. We are grateful to our bookselling colleagues who supported regional books in their stores, thus supporting our small business too. Things change quickly and sometimes unpredictably but we will always believe in printed books and their unmatched ability to engage, educate and entertain.


As we welcome in 2018, our new January titles feature the story of the courageous women who suffered for suffrage, colorful tales of Prohibition in Mencken's town, lots of hikes to enjoy in the Metro area, a glimpse of  next spring in a gardener's treasure trove and the art of Irish cuisine as practiced by a renowned local chef.


Happy New Year!

My Irish Table copy.jpg

Thinking Small

Having just observed Small Business Saturday and with the holiday selling season upon us, when we added the new titles for December, it occurred to us:


Lots of businesses are small.


And that's good. Twenty-five years into regional book wholesaling, we are so small, our home state considers us a "Microbusiness." And one of our wonderful new titles is written and published by another small business, "Tired Dogs Press." (Fret not, the metaphor is drawn from aching feet, not exhausted canines.)  It is a handsome edition that presents large business-quality packaging while maintaining the personal touch of author and Ken Wilcox and his wife Kris who crafted the D.C. walks with pride (and a lot of stamina!)


So next time you are in a small store, think about the next levels of smallness you can also support- like publishers and wholesalers.


Happy Holidays!        

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